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Amazement of the Human Spirit

Dear Maher and Monia:

You have done, and continue to do, more than seems humanly possible, to ensure that Canadians must recognize, take responsibility for, and change the things which resulted in the torture of you and the others. With each day that passes I see that in you, Maher, there is a spirit which is so strong that you are able to go on in circumstances which would defeat most others.

I feel a deep sorrow and compassion for you and the others, and for your family, and I want to thank you for standing up and showing others what must be revealed.

I am having much difficulty finding words that will adequately express how what has happened to you, and what you have done about it, makes me feel. Deep admiration and amazement at the human spirit is about the closest I can come to it, and gratitude to you that through you I have come to understand what has gone on, and how Canadians have been responsible. Thank you for persevering. I send you and your family love and hope for a better future.

(Comments by Janet Hammock)