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Proud to be Canadians

You are a very courageous man, Mr. Arar. I am very impressed with the way you have handled your media interviews since returning to Canada after your horendous ordeal. You have conducted yourself with great dignity and respect on every occasion, which is admirable to say the least. I can only hope that I would have the same courage and fortitude that you convey, if I found myself in similar circumstances.

Your case summons mixed emotions for most Canadians, including myself. Embarassment, shock and outrage at the shameful behavior of our elected officials and senior RCMP beaurocrats in their handling of this affair. And great sympathy and respect for yourself and your family by the dignified manner in which you have handled this same affair. While the cowardly acts of our officials have tarnished our good Canadian reputation, your courage in the face of overwhelming injustice has made us all proud to be Canadians. You are surely an inspiration to Mr. Almalki and all other Canadian citizens who are or were wronged by our government. Please accept my sincere condolences for the horrific injustice that you have endured, and my admiration for the way you have handled the situation. Yourself and your family are welcome in our home anytime.

(Comments by Bruce Brown - Grande Prairie, Alberta)