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How can they live with themselves?

I am glad that you came home to your family again. I hate that the U.S. is behaving in this way. When I read the U.S. Declaration of Independence, the U.S. constitution, I feel full of admiration of their founding fathers and the insights they had. When I then see how the current U.S. administration perverts everyting that the U.S. once stood for I feel very sad. Why do they behave in this way? Why do they blatantly ignore the UN Convetions, the Geneva Conventions? How can they live with themselves?

I have good friends in the U.S., open, warm and friendly people, they are as shocked by what the U.S. is doing today as I am. I will never travel to the U.S. as long as it behaves as it does today, I will not purchase any U.S. made products or services. I wish that more people voted with their wallets, it is the only language the U.S. understands.

Anyway, I am glad that you survived the crime comitted by the U.S. towards you. I hope that good things will happen for you and your family in the future. (Anonymous)