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I do not want these acts committed in my name

Whoever thought up the idea of torturing people to get intelligence has absolutely no idea what they are doing. They are getting useless information, often from completely innocent people, which is wasting the time and energy of other officials who have to try to somehow verify this nonsense.

The governments of Britain and America have decided to use terror, often on completely innocent people, and so have become no better than the evil which they say they must defeat.

I told both the White House and Downing Street that I did not want these acts committed in my name, with my taxes, by my elected officials. I do not want the good name of my own country dragged in the dirt by these degenerates.

The "war on terror" has exposed us for what we actually are, and the best way for the decision makers in Washington and London to fight this "war" now, would be to imprison their own selves.

(Comments by Iain Carstairs.)