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This should have never happened...

I would like to express my anger and frustration of how a Canadian could be deported and denied their basic human rights by the United States and Canada. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is applicable to ALL Canadians. We, All Canadians, need to stand united together to disallow this crime against humanity from ever occurring again. A Canadian is a Canadian no matter where we go. WE all have rights and freedoms that must be respected world-wide as these rights and freedoms are our basic way of life, and what our country is built upon.

This case is not only emotionally and psychologically tragic, but it is also sets a dangerous
precedent as this can happen to any Canadian. For the United States to overlook a Canadian passport, and a Canadian, sends the message that we are inferior and we are the “51st State” and can be dealt with anyway they see fit. Well, I would like to remind them that WE ARE A SOVEREIGN NATION. WE ARE CANADA AND WE ARE NOT TO BE TREATED WITH DISRESPECT OR TYRANNY.

To our (Canadian) “loyal” public servants, I would like to say shame on all of you. You have not just let Maher and his family down, but also Canadians Coast-to-Coast. You have taken our Charter and our basic rights and flushed them down the toilet, shame on all of you. Mr. Arar should have never been detained at the airport in the first place, and certainly NEVER sent abroad to any country, other than his home (CANADA). I hope that this does not happen to any Canadian again. Our public servants should be setting a prime example of how we are our own country and how fundamental our laws and rights are, but because of their negligence, they have put future generations of Canadians at risk and you have demonstrated to the world that our laws and rights are flexible, which is ghastly, horrifying and completely unacceptable.

Insha'Allah (God Willing), I hope that Maher Arar and his family can get back to living their lives with some normality. May God always watch over you and keep you safe insha'Allah. I, along with family, have continued to watch news reports on the Arar case. Everytime I hear the story, tears stream down my face for many reasons. 1) How an innocent, family-loving man
is so brutally treated 2) The lack of respect for humanity by Jordan, Syria, USA, and Canada 3) The lack of respect for humanity in so-called "Islamic countries" where Allah’s mercy and compassion is to rule supreme 4) The grace and commitment by Monia with your consistent public appearances and lobbying to free your husband and Maher's sheer determination and strength to survive the nightmarish hell. I pray that this will never happen to you or any other human being on this Earth; I also pray that with time and support Mr. Arar and his family can muster the courage and strength to live with the aftermath; and I also pray that the Arar family gets the information they are seeking from the public inquiry. As written by one of the previous commentators, I would also like to express my hope for YOU TO NEVER GIVE UP….Your story is truly and inspirational and may you and yours find Allah’s peace Inshallah.

Salamualaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu (May the Peace and Blessings of God be with you). May you have a blessed Eid.