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Public Inquiry?

Mr. Arar, I would like you to know that I am deeply concerned for you and I am very ashamed of the treatement our so-called "public servants" have given you and continue to give you. It is an absolute outrage. Today is August 23, 2005, and presently I am "attempting" to witness the testimony of Rick Flewelling. I am digusted and astounded that these types of "officials" aren't being dragged out of the room in shackles for contempt of court. I do not accept the "I don't recall" answers so common in your unfortunate case.

I am astounded that something isn't being considered in regards to punishment for individuals who strive to be public servants while skirting the responsability that goes with it, believing that a simple "I don't remember" will put everything right, or can somehow free them from guilt. This is a total farce, and I am so deeply ashamed to say that it is Canadian made. You have my support as well as my sympathies, I wish there was more I could do to help. PLEASE DONT GIVE UP!!!! (Comments from Mike Rogers.)