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Why was Mr. Arar Sent to Syria?

Why was Mr. Arar sent to Syria? That is the real question of the inquiry.

The New York Times, quoting Rep. Edward Markey, seems to have got the picture: "The reason the U.S. sent Mr. Arar to Syria and not Canada is that Syria tortures people and Canada doesn't."

Well, maybe Canada doesn't. But it seems clear from the Inquiry to date that the reason our security officials seems to acquiese, if not actually participate, is for the same reason.

I doubt we will ever be told how involved our security officials were. But it seems clear from the evidence to date that they were invovled, and at the highest levels. They knew that Mr. Arar was sent to Syria because Syria tortures people. Or maybe it was just to send a message to others.

I still have an open mind on this point. But I want to hear what they did after they found out that Mr. Arar was sent to be tortured. If they started an investigation of US officials, if they compiled names, and if warrants have been issued for their arrest (torture being a crime
which Canada has jurisdiction over no matter where in the world it occurs), I could be persuaded otherwise.

But if they did nothing, then the conclusion seems pretty obvious. Even without the months of secret evidence. (Anonymous)