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Alarm Bells Should Have Gone Off Sooner

What should come out of the Arar Inquiry is a recommendation for the institution of a mechanism that would weed out racists from our police and frontline bureaucracy.

What is coming to light here, thanks to the efforts of the Canadian Muslim community, and the few champions of democratic freedoms like our hero Mahar Arar, is that there is a cancer within our country. The Arar Inquiry seems to vindicate our Legislative, Judicial and Executive
branches of government, but some of the people in uniform responsible for ensuring the law is carried out are not of sound mind.

Wayne Easter, though Solicitor General, was evidently unaware that Canadian Intelligence people went to Syria and were in direct contact with the Syrian Military police.

Bill Graham, though Minister of Foreign Affairs, was kept unaware of the actual conditions and treatment that Mahar Arar was receiving in Syria.

What’s coming to light here is the existence of a group that surprisingly affirms the statement made by a friend of mine: “You think you’re living in a democracy?” (Cynical laughter.)

It’s become evident that Canadian Diplomatic officials are loath to discipline or correct subordinates when errors are made. Meanwhile senior government officials are kept in the dark as this group operates. Wayne Easter would not challenge this; he says has confidence in our people.

But as Colin Powel put it: “You’re people aren’t giving you the straight goods.”

Canada has no place for the likes of a police officer who recently harassed a young black youth by pulling him over and assaulting him. Racial profiling was alleged. Get that officer out of service please, and any like him.

I think alarm bells should have gone off sooner. If we do nothing, there will be repetition of the abuse of power and violations of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

(Comments from Rob Mainwaring.)