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Canada Should Take Full Responsibility

Canada gave information to the United States on Mr. Maher Arar relating him to terrorism. This information prompted the U.S. to investigate him as soon as he came on American soil. It has not gone unnoticed to the world that , since 9/11, the U.S. has been on an aggressive pursuit to find terrorists in order to protect itself. Canada knew that Maher Arar traveled and had to know that its citizen was placed at risk for investigation.

Canada's actions 'delivered' Mr. Arar to a foreign country, the United States, a country at war with terrorism. Canada's actions placed a stain of suspicion on Maher Arar's name. His name will not be cleared unless Canada publicly and officially clears his name. Once that is done, he should be awarded a substantial amount of money to cover personal injury. A monetary value should also be set for punitive damages. Canada should take its full responsibility.

(Comments from Liliane J. Zandueta, a Criminologist and former Consular Program Officer at the Canadian consulate general in Los Angeles)